Spring Clean Up Landscaping Around Pool

Spring clean up landscaping – The area around the perimeter of the pool can be a convenient place to stay and enjoy the sun while you are not swimming. The type of landscaping you have around your pool will determine how you approach the cleaning of the pool area. For many people the biggest gardening problem near the pool is weeds. This area is best when kept regularly before taking over the weeds or whatever else you may have planted dies or grows out of control. Spray herbicide around the edges of the pool. The herbicide will dry the weeds and make them easier to remove. Do not spray herbicide if you have a lawn grass around your pool. The grass will be killed. Weeds tend to grow through cracks in concrete or through a rock garden.

Spring clean up landscaping, cut out all bushes or shrubs you have in the pool area. Use pruning shears to make the proper adjustments. Do not cut them too short or otherwise the plant may take color in the sun. Use a rake to turn any type of soil near the areas where you want to plant new shrubs or plants. Mow the lawn around the pool area using a manual lawn mower. Do not get too close to the pool wall, as it may damage it. Use a grass cutter to cut grass and weeds closer to the pool wall. Take advantage of this opportunity to spread some grass seeds in areas where grass appears bare.

Rake the rocks out of the spring clean up landscaping to turn them over and level the surface again. Add a few bags of new garden rocks around the edges of the pool if you have previously used rocks in the area. Add some different colors in the mix for a new look. Spray the rocks with a garden hose to wash the winter surface dirt. This will give the rock garden a finished look. Add some larger decorative stones for a more elegant look of the area.

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