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Small Bathroom Idea Creative

Small bathroom idea – This is first point to take into account, probably most important point. If a small bathroom is badly distributed, turn it off and let’s go. We will have to juggle to wash our hands without giving us bulkhead or jump over toilet to get to shower. In our section of space distribution you have some ideas to distribute narrow and long baths or wide and short (most common). Do not put them too high. In small spaces a high ceiling tends to create a tube effect that makes it smaller. If your ceiling is 3 meters and your bathroom is small, lower it to about 2.4m and you will get a more square effect.

Put same tile on walls and floor and you will visually enlarge your bathroom. You can use large tile or elongated slats, but sometimes use very small bathroom idea tile (type granite) throughout bathroom also creates a spectacular effect. In any case take advantage of your possibilities and opt for creative tile or wallpaper if it is a courtesy toilet. We also recommend that you use special paint for bathrooms (except in shower) because it gives a clean and homogeneous appearance and you will make it look bigger (besides avoiding that tile joints will eventually get dirty)

A shelf above door if your small bathroom idea has high ceilings, a radiator-towel rack to avoid occupying a different area for each function, a cabinet or a pair of towel shelves over toilet (at a height that does not give you in head) … Be creative and sure that you find space. If you have to put a wall to separate shower, put it in a mirror and place sink on other side. Uses recessed mirrors as wall cladding; if your bathroom is interior and does not have natural light, put an artificial vertical garden with top lighting in one of walls (false windows with artificial light from behind, screens on ceiling that simulate an opening to outside). They are not cheap but very effective and impressive options.

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