Simple Landscaping Ideas For Front Yard

Simple Landscaping Ideas For Front Yard – The front garden is the letter of introduction of your house and it is also who welcomes your guests. That is why they must be visually pleasing and easy to circulate. The key is to be clear that landscaping and decorating the front garden should not hinder access to the main entrance of the house or force people to walk around it. In this case, we see a wall of trees that accompanies the facade of the house protects the privacy of the home owners while elegantly decorate the front.

Attention to lavender plants and pots with boxwood as they certainly complement the design of the simple landscaping ideas for front yard. In this front garden and forming part of the facade, some bamboo plants have been placed, white boulder, all of course on a dense grass carpet. Let’s take into account that lighting is also a necessary part of the decoration of front gardens, we will return to this later. The access is made through a path in slope where each step is accompanied by the delicious aroma of lavenders that also bring color and a touch of anarchy in this classic facade.

A stonemason full of flowers framed with creek stones. Two elements that together look sensational and adorn the entrance to your home to the maximum. The Guardian cactus closes with gold this beautiful landscape. A contemporary style house cannot be accompanied by a garden that does not follow in style. Therefore, the facade of this house was designed in a modern style with simple landscaping ideas for front yard that accompanies the concept.

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In these ideas, we can a facade with stone clad in grayish tones, a deck of dark wood with integrated lights and from where the house is illuminated. The greenery of the wild plants that seems to climb the stone wall is the note alive in these simple landscaping ideas for front yard.  In this front garden, there is no corner that does not own a shrub. Plants of all sizes will welcome those who come to visit.

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