Simple Diy Cushion Storage Boxes Outdoor

Cushion storage boxes outdoor – It is not always necessary to use shelves and outdoor cabinets to store objects and elements of the terrace or garden. Check out the outdoor storage ideas that we present today so you have everything perfectly neat! Take advantage of recycling while maintaining order! Get a pallet to hang on a wall. Then you have to nail or hang on it from hooks, nails or different supports that you can then use to hang for example. Take two old wheels and paint them; Then put some wheels to make a mobile storage object and if you want you can also make a wooden lid to be covered. Once you have it ready you can save it from children’s water toys to garden elements.

To increase the cushion storage boxes outdoor capacity of the terrace I decided to make a chest that also served as a seat. I bought uncoated battens in Bauhaus 10cm wide and 22mm thick and 2m long. Not being brushed are cheaper, save even if then touch sanding. Also needed a 4 × 8 cm 2m long that I used to make the joints of the rest. I cut the pieces to the size I needed to make a chest of 130 x 55cm with a height of 40cm in total.

With the same technique that we used to build our cushion storage boxes outdoor we made the drawer. But the last spars will leave them 3cm from the end of the internal slats that will make the legs function. (I think this will be clearer if you see the post of the fruit boxes. ) To make the joints instead of glue and nails you have to use   lag screws. After sanding the drawer with a No. 80 grain, I gave two layers of white acrylic enamel. For the bottom of the drawer I used traces of boards and slats I had at home.

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