Pea Gravel Landscaping Ideas

Gravel landscaping ideas – Make your yard in a water-saving oasis of color and shape a weed plant-free zone for relaxation or a terraced wonderland – all with gravel. Gravel is a convenient and versatile landscaping material. Whether you use crushed rocks or irregularly shaped soft, round pea gravel? It offers a subtle contrast of colors and textures, and offers a natural setting for plants and trees. As a water-permeable surface that is easy to maintain, gravel beds can serve a variety of purposes both decorative and functional. While use multi-colored pea gravel instead of mulch to draw. And also retain the sun’s heat for the beds and to help plants retain moisture.

Pea gravel landscaping ideas can add a unique look to your landscape. Use pea gravel as a landscaping tool does not end at a healthy green lawn. There are other areas of landscaping, the pea gravel can beautify. Pea gravel also is an enhance a pathway; Adding pea gravel landscaping ideas in the road can add an easy elegance to your yard. Spread the gravel on the ground around the rocks to unify the appearance. Logs cut into lengths of 2 feet, divided in half and whose TV side create a natural boundary along which contrasts with the garden rocks.

A winding leading directly to the front door, or from the sidewalk in front of the courtyard, created a way to use gravel landscaping ideas. Alternatively, a gravel walkway at the base of pea gravel or crushed stone creates a rustic look that also helps to absorb the flow of water in a courtyard which tends to retain water. Install a galvanized steel or plastic edge to limit the gravel for the path and avoid that migrate in the nearby grass. Planting annual or perennial flowers to create a colorful border along both sides of the path.

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