Simple Outdoor Fireplace Designs Review

Outdoor Wood Fireplace Designs Ideas

Outdoor wood fireplace designs are a relatively simple project that consists of basic and inexpensive materials. With the oven, you can cook homemade creations including wood-fired pizza. Learn the steps in building this project and enjoy the benefits of having an extra outdoor space to enjoy.


Set the outdoor wood fireplace designs area where you want the wood stove oven. Make sure it is on a level surface that is away from the plants, shrubs and other flammable items. Set the bricks on top of the podium in an organized way so that the entire surface of the pallet is covered with bricks. Add water to a portion of the sand until it is moist to the touch and easily formed. Form a mound of sand on top of the blocks to act as a support for the clay dome. The size of the sand pile will dictate the size of the dome.

Place the damp newspaper over the sand pile. Lay sheet of clay on top of the support structure, working from the base to the top of the dome. Connect the clay layers by working them with moistened fingers. Let the mud dry completely for three full days. Cut an arched opening into the mud outside with a utility knife that run three-quarters of the way up the dome’s face. This will ensure that the outdoor wood fireplace designs light and maintained properly with proper air flow. Remove sand and the magazine inside the dome from the opening and dispose. Fill in the cracks in the mud with additional clay that are smoothed with the fingers. Let the repair dry for three whole days. Start the fire. Put wood in the opening of the dome and light. You can use the clay structure as a fireplace or an oven for delicious, homemade food.

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