Outdoor Fireplace Gas Logs Ideas

Outdoor fireplace gas logs – When someone did not mention anything about the chestnuts get toasty on a wood fire. In fact, gas log fireplaces offer several advantages over their traditional counterparts: They obviously do not require a costly investment in wood – and a layer of wood messy – they look good in an instant and they are easy to use. Become a believer, if not a crooner himself, once you learn how to use a gas log fireplace.


Open the damper. Then open the glass doors, if you have them. Refer to your outdoor fireplace gas logs. Open the gas valve to be placed either on the appliance itself or on the floor in front of it. Turn the control knob to “Off”. Clear out any gas left in the fireplace, wait five minutes. If you smell gas, turn off the gas by closing the valve. If the gas does not go away quickly – and unlikely – call your local fire department so that a crew can assess the situation.

Move the knob to the “pilot” position. Extend a long armed brighter in the pilot and press the control knob until the pilot lights. If your fireplace has an electronic ignition system, you do not need a lighter; you will simply move the switch to “Light” to start the pilot, otherwise you have to hold down the firing button. Release knob. The pilot will stay lit, but if it does not, try to release the pilot again. Turn the knob to “On” to start your outdoor fireplace gas logs. Adjust the flame by turning the knob. When you are done with the fireplace, turn the knob to “Off”. You might have to leave the glass doors open to a certain amount of time after you turn off the gas log fireplace. Check your owner’s manual to be sure. Get your furnace professionally cleaned once a year to ensure its smooth operation.

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