Outdoor Dock Lighting Ideas

Outdoor dock lighting for your home makes the house attractive. It also provides a certain measure of safety as well. This allows you to walk around your home safely at night and to see who is at the door before opening it. You can install outdoor lighting even after some planning. The project is simple and the results can be beautiful.


Outdoor dock lighting should accentuate your landscape elements as well as provide road safety to your door. Determine how you want to route a walkway and what features you want to display. This will help you determine how many and what types of lights you need. Walkway lights should be located approximately 10 feet apart, and they should not be placed directly opposite others on the other side of the road. Area lights are good for playgrounds, gardens or even stone blocks. Spot lamps are more suitable for trees and sculptures. Plan your design and make a rough sketch before heading to the hardware store.


Most well-stocked hardware stores will have a variety of lighting. There are many to choose from so take your time and have fun with this part. You need a transformer to connect your lights so that they will work. It changes your home alternating current to DC, making installation easier and safer. Most are plug-in devices and you will need to decide where to place it on your home. You want a device that will carry the overall effect of your system with some left over for any future additions. A 300-watt transformer is a good choice.

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Wiring will be crucial to your outdoor dock lighting project. If you are using a 300-watt transformer, use 12/2 wire and make sure you have enough to walk between all your lights. A 150-foot roll should suffice for an average size farm. Determine where your transformer should hang on the house. It must be close to a jack so you can plug it in. With the transformer up, run the individual threads of your proposed light places with another 3 meters for positioning. Attach your lead to the transformer, according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

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