Nice Tropical Landscaping Ideas

Tropical landscaping ideas are serene environment where you can relax and enjoy the sights and sounds of a wild, tropical jungle. If you live in the tropics or if you only have an interest in tropical design and plant life, creating a tropical garden can be a rewarding experience, providing you with an escape route to a tropical paradise right in the backyard. Palm trees are some of the most popular options when it comes to tropical garden landscaping. You can create a tropical space with small palm species, such as Mediterranean fan palms, as well as large varieties such as tall wax palm trees. According to Farmingdale State College, to make the tropical theme really pop into view and your guests, try planting banana plants.

Including natural stones and rocks in your tropical landscaping ideas can help tie the different sections of the garden together, and can offer a visual contrast between abundant garden vegetation. One stone solution is to create a miniature stone garden within the space of your main tropical garden. To keep the tropical theme flowing along, try using lava stones as your main material, which are igneous varieties that often form around volcanoes in tropical regions, particularly Hawaii. Also, keep in mind that plants are an important part of stone gardens. The University of Florida suggests scarlet feathers and pitas as an excellent addition to tropical-style rock gardens.

Water features such as water fountains and waterfalls can serve as visually stunning focal points in tropical landscaping ideas. The flowing water of these features can also create, natural soothing backing soundtracks for your garden, adding to its appeal. If you have the space, try to incorporate a pond into your landscape garden, and then stock up with colorful koi fish. You may want to include tropical theme lighting, such as torches, in your garden.

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