Masonry Outdoor Fireplace Ideas

Masonry outdoor fireplace – A fireplace design does not have to be a last minute idea. Use creativity to design a fireplace that stands out from the outside as your fireplace does from the inside. Work with a licensed professional fireplace installation company to explore the options and ensure that the construction meets the local zoning and safety requirements. Ask to see before and after photos of the company’s work and the references of homeowners to verify the experience.

Stone cultured is made of stone that is made to look like natural stone. The concrete is poured into molds to build cultured stones. Pigments are added to color the concrete as a veneer with natural looking results. The stones are usually beige, brown and gray to give the veneer a gradient of quality. Cultivated stone will give an masonry outdoor fireplace distinctive, personalized look. Cultured stones can also be used indoors to create the interior fireplace, which will give the fireplace and fireplace design continuity in appearance and character, both indoors and outdoors.

Brick gives a fireplace a traditional look of masonry. Even if the interior fireplace is not made of brick, you can build the outdoor fireplace with brick. Brick fireplaces are typically constructed of a colored brick, such as red or gray. Alternatively, a variety of colors can be used to give the brick fireplace a custom look. You can also set the bricks in a diagonal pattern to give the fireplace a more individual look. Masonry outdoor fireplace can be used for either a contemporary home or one that has a Mediterranean design. A stucco fireplace will enhance a house built with stucco and give a uniform look to the architectural style of the house. Stucco can also enhance the look of a wooden frame or brick house to give contrast to the design of the fireplace in the house.

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