Installing Outdoor Bollard Lighting

Outdoor bollard lighting improves vision after sunset and illuminates your home’s most attractive features. The number of luminaires you install depends on your primary purpose of lighting. If your main concern is safety, choose light fixtures that cover large areas with their light. If your main goal is decorative, choose smaller luminaires that provide soft lighting.


If you want outdoor bollard lighting, choose vintage-inspired lanterns to line your walkway. If you want to save energy, choose sunlight to place in your outdoor landscape. If you want a unique tropical theme for your patio, choose tike torches to place around your tires and strings of light to hang from your rails. Find your outdoor outlet. If your outlet already has 110 volts, just connect a low voltage transformer into your outlet and start the cable project. Choose a transformer that has a timer built into it, so that the lights automatically turn on at dusk and close at night or in the morning. If your home does not have an outdoor outlet, sign an electrician to connect an outdoor outlet to your home.

Measure the distance from your transformer to your outdoor bollard lighting to calculate the amount of cables required for your project. Add 10 percent to the length needed to ensure a sufficient amount to complete your outdoor bollard lighting installation. Place luminaires on the ground where you plan to install them. Make sure the path lights are eight meters apart and the first light is no less than 10 meters from the transformer. If your home shows a pool or a water fixture, place the nearest fixture a distance of 10 meters away for safety reasons.

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You a 3-inch dike along the cable runs from the transformer to the luminaires and between the light matches using a flat garden shovel. Slide the thread to the bottom of the ditch. Leave a little extra wire near the luminaires and the transformer. Return the earth to the ditch and cover the thread. Install a T-connector halfway on the cable run and steer the cable to return to the transformer. Connect the cables to the transformer. Attach the transformer to a wooden insert attached to the ground a few meters away from the outdoor socket. Connect the transformer to the outdoor outlet.

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