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Dwarf Trees For Landscaping – Having a house with a garden, with trees, plants and flowers is the dream of most people. The problem is that also a majority has to settle for a terrace. The good thing about having it is we can have plants, flowers and at the same time, it requires less maintenance. Looking for plants that can be potted throughout their life and have edible fruits? If so, do not take your eyes off the monitor because you will know which are the most suitable dwarf fruit trees for what you are looking for.

Cranberry is a dwarf trees for landscaping shrub whose scientific name is Vaccinium coymbosum. It grows up to a height of two meters, so you can even use it to have small corners of shade on your balcony. It needs a slightly acidic substrate, and irrigation water with a pH also low, around 6. If you have very hard water, add the liquid of half a lemon to of said water. Goji, known scientifically by the name of Lycium Chinese or Lycium barbarum, is an evergreen shrub of 1.2m in height.

To grow well, it should be placed in full sun and watered regularly, preventing the substrate from drying out completely. The Feijoa sellowiana is a shrub up to 4m tall and very decorative dwarf trees for landscaping. It has perennial leaves and beautiful white-pink flowers that spring in spring. The fruit is rich in vitamin C, so it helps you strengthen your immune system. Well, as it seems, we can also have trees on our terrace and also give us fruit.

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How? Very simple. In the market, we have long been able to buy dwarf trees for landscaping, with which we can creating a garden with everything we want. Dwarf trees occupy little space, but they give large and tasty fruits like the larger fruit trees. As far as planting, mixing of 50% of garden soil and 50% of blonde peat of universal substrate is ideal.

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