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Elegant Gold Mirror Bathroom Decor

Gold mirror bathroom – The bathroom mirror is usually an element almost incorporated into the building structure of our home. But whether it is a mirror with a guard, a medicine cabinet, or a simple wall-hung, we can customize and decorate it to our taste, or according to the style of the rest of the toilet. There are many techniques by which we can decorate the bathroom mirror. Some more sophisticated, some simpler. To apply this idea, remove the mirror from the wall to place it on a straight surface and make an edge or a frame (or perhaps some small detail) with the technique of false vitreaux .

To do this, we will make the base drawing with indelible markers and mark with lead or dimensional paste. Then, we fill with stained glass lacquer, to give color and shine to the gold mirror bathroom, without losing completely its reflection. We will let it dry for a day, and then we will be able to mount it again in its place without inconveniences. In the market we can also find dimensional paintings with which we can decorate the bathroom mirror. We will find them in striking tones, with and without glitter or glitter, and even iridescent or fluorescent.

The latter are ideal for decorating the mirror in the children’s room , because we can draw figures that, at night, will glow thanks to the daylight load of sunlight or artificial. Another idea is to decorate the gold mirror bathroom by attaching objects to it. Although we can use universal glue or contact cement, perhaps the best option is to use hot silicone. This glue adheres very well to the glass and the elements, and has the enormous practicality of being able to be removed when we want, either by a move or to renovate the home decoration

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