Durability of New Coating Tiled Wall Bathroom

Tiled wall bathroom – When talking about coatings and bathroom floors, the tiles continue to dominate the staging of this space of the house more and more careful thanks to its visual play and durability. If you have the possibility to choose the tiles of the bathroom – whether it is a reform or a new work – you have to keep in mind that the possibilities are many. The colors, size and shape of the tile will be the first step knowing the particularities of the stay: whether or not there is natural light, whether the bathroom is large or small, etc.

The aesthetic taste of the owners, as well as the style of the whole of the house has much to say in the choice of the tiled wall bathroom, although it is true that in a space dedicated to personal care and well-being, it is advisable to flee of visual stridencies. The only allowed license is to highlight one of the walls of the bathroom in order to differentiate environments, such as the shower area or the toilet.

And to get right with the combination of floors and walls, it is best to bet on a pavement suffered, in smooth color that plays with the tonalities of the coatings. Although you can also choose to give the protagonist to the ground or to create a visual envelope when choosing the same tile for all surfaces. Knowing what materials we are talking about and choosing (ceramic, granite, porcelain, glass, porcelain stoneware, etc.) is key to the subsequent use and enjoyment of the bathroom and, above all, for its maintenance and durability. Do not forget that the tiled wall bathroom require work, which means that the choice must be appropriate, as it is not easy “put and put” pieces. See you soon.

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