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Drought Tolerant Plants Landscape Design Ideas

Drought tolerant plants landscape design – Using shrubs in landscaping can add beauty to your home and garden year round. Few other plants provide as much value for money as shrubs are long lasting, fast-growing, tolerates drought well and is resistant to pests. They also provide coverage for less shade-loving plants and food for birds and wildlife.

How to use and care for Shrubs

Consider using shrubs in a variety of ways, such as for privacy hedges, as a backdrop for other plantings, define the garden beds, to line your property and add seasonal interest. Plant drought tolerant plants landscape design shrubs in the fall or early spring, providing the roots plenty of time to establish themselves. Make sure your shrubs have plenty of good, well-drained soil, and consider adding compost to the soil before planting.

When you are ready to plant your shrubs, loosen the roots with a knife before placing the bushes in the hole and give them lots of water at the beginning. Because the bushes grow so fast, they need to be trimmed often with an electric or gas-powered hedge trimmer. Do not worry if your shrubbery drought tolerant plants landscape design looks even start because the shrubs will be spread out and fill in the gaps with time. When shrubs are established, all you have to do is keep them mulched. Some species of landscape shrubs do not even need pruning.

How to choose Shrubs

Consider where the bushes will be placed before you choose the best types for your garden. Find a bush growth habit (shape and height, it will grow). You do not want to plant a tall shrub in front of a first floor window. And if you want to hide a foundation, a small juniper not does much good. If planting near walkways, avoid bushes that would prevent them when the shrubs reach their mature height, but also to stay away from a plant that would grow long, low branches right beside the walk.

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