DIY Outdoor Fireplace Flue

Outdoor fireplace flue – A broken stove flue can result in cold drafts getting into your home during the winter. If your fireplace flue stuck shut, contact a professional stove repairman to repair it as your fireplace is safe to use until the flue opening. However, if you use your fireplace frequently once a week or less you can repair an open flue with an inflatable chimney liner itself and reduce heat loss in your home from a fireplace.

Determine whether your outdoor fireplace flue is stuck open or close. Mark a spot on the inside of your chimney shaft wall above the open flue pipe with a piece of chalk. Measure the length and depth of the marked location with a folding ruler carpenter. Write down these measurements in inches. Purchased an inflatable chimney liner, the size of your measurements or up to 6 inches in length and depth greater than your measurements. Lay your inflatable chimney liner flat on a table. Attach the inflation tube that came with the liner to the air valve on the liner. Turn the valve to the “on” position so that air can flow through the tube and into the liner.

Breathe in the tube to inflate the outdoor fireplace flue. Blow about 10 breaths in the liner until it is resolved inflated but still maneuverable so you can place it in the chimney at the selected location. Place the partially inflated liner into the chimney at the selected location. Turn the valve to the “off” position to lock the air in the liner. Turn the valve to the “on” position, empty the liner and remove it from the chimney before using your fireplace. Repeat the process when you are done with the fireplace, and when it is cold to replace the inflatable liner in the chimney shaft.

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