Decorative Above Ground Pool Landscaping Ideas

Above ground pool landscaping ideas are economical and easier to install than the more expensive in-ground options, but they can also be an eyesore in your yard. You do not need to shop looking for convenience; you need only think of the pool as your canvas. Be creative and incorporate your pool in your yard instead of having it stick out like a sore thumb.

Vinyl stickers

Customize your above ground pool landscaping ideas with vinyl decals. This decorating idea works best with solid colored above ground pools. All badges your favorite team, racing car or even cartoon characters. Turn your pool into a lawn ornament that shows your family’s personality. It can be difficult to grow a natural plant cover around the outside of a pool because of the chlorine in the water, which will kill most plants over time. Plants also promote the bugs, and you do not want them near your pool. However, artificial silk ivy and vines attached portions of the outer walls of your pool. This gives a certain natural camouflage to the otherwise sharp and regular pool walls. Many quality fake vines and leaves look real and are waterproof.

Nautical Decor

Cover the outside of your pool with fish nets draped around the metal or plastic walls. For a real nautical look, hang lifesaver rings, starfish and sponges from fishing nets. On the ground around the outside of the pool, place some weathered lobster pots to finish the look. A faux stone panel system converts the external walls of an above ground pool landscaping ideas into a luxurious looking stone spa. The panels are light and interconnection, making them easy to install. This is an economical way to get the look of real stone to your backyard. Panels are made from the same type of resin that is often used in garden furniture and garden ornaments. Create a stone moat around the outside of your pool using small colored or natural toned stone gravel. The neat and clean design can be accentuated with a few piles of large rocks that are strategically placed to create an interesting design. The rock formations give your garden a look you might see in the desert.

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Gallery for Decorative Above Ground Pool Landscaping Ideas

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