Cool Landscaping Ideas around Trees

Landscaping ideas around trees – Ideas for garden decoration with stones and plants. Do you want to renew the style of your garden? Below, we present different proposals of decoration of gardens with stones and plants. There is a great variety of this type of plants in their artificial version that include from the palm trees, the ferns, the ivy, the hedges, etc. You must pay attention to the material in which they are made to be of quality. The use of white stones is one of the alternatives most used for their aesthetic value that they transmit to the environment getting a cozy space outside your home.

In addition, the white stones are very resistant to the climatic changes; therefore, they can be exposed to the weather for a long time without needing to carry out a special treatment. Once you decide to decorate landscaping ideas around trees with white stones is the time to buy and place them. Usually these types of stones are sold in bags of 10 to 30 kilos. With regard to its installation, it should be noted that it is very simple. Above all, let yourself be guided by your creativity. In order to place them, it prepares the ground first. You must level the ground leaving it perfectly smooth. Put an anti-grass mesh and on it, a layer of approximately 6 cm.

Then, think about landscaping ideas around trees with white stones. Usually this type of stone is used to cover the soil since it combines almost all types of plants such as dry plants, and other kinds of stone. Let us now turn to the decoration. For this you must use all your imagination by placing them, for example, in pots, paths, flower beds or the edges of gardens or pools. If you want to know all the details about the technique of placement and decoration of gardens with stones, do not miss the next video that we have prepared you.

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