Charming Over Mirror Light Bathroom

Cool Ideas Over Mirror Light Bathroom

Over mirror light bathroom – I’m going to show you a series of ideas to light the bathroom. However before we start with this, we must do the following: It will not be the same a small bathroom in which illuminating the area of personal advice (sink) may be enough to illuminate the entire room that a large bathroom in which we will have to give lighting to different areas. More points to take into account are the height of the ceilings and finally but not least the security, having to choose very well the points and the distance between them to avoid direct or indirect contact with the water.

Regarding the type of over mirror light bathroom to choose our recommendation is always neutral or cold light. Once chosen the type of light we are asked the question of how much light. The answer is that light is abundant and evenly distributed. The areas must be well differentiated. The light is usually placed on the ceiling in the sink. This focus or light source should always remain between the mirror and the person, since if it were left on it would cause shadows in the person who looked at himself in the mirror, for example in makeup.

In the area of the bath or shower the over mirror light bathroom also has to be uniform and according to the dimensions of this. It is not the same to illuminate a shower tray with a screen, curtain or even a work, that a bathtub in which the small ones of the house play long rats. We remind you of the importance of safety and leave the minimum safety distance between the water outlet of the shower and the floodlights or implement watertight floodlights for this purpose. As complements to the neutral zones would have to see how to introduce some element that completes the desired light level. As an example appliques , regulators of light level, lamps of foot .

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