Charm Landscaping Ideas for Small Yards

Landscaping ideas for small yards – If you are the privileged that have a green space in property, do not hesitate to take advantage of it. By small that is, the pleasant moments that you provide are sufficient excuse for you to break a little head and conditioners. We help you with some tricks. The reduced spaces, whether in the interior or the exterior of the house, always require a careful planning. Before you go to work, think about what use you want to give it throughout the year, how it is illuminated, what shape it has, how the walls and fences that surround it

Another way to decorate landscaping ideas for small yards is to give it a lot of dynamics. How do we do it? Constructing small stone paths in diagonal or curved lines along the patio. Although its dimensions are minimal, a framework with fewer straight lines will give much mobility to the design. In addition, it will allow you to create small planters in which to plant colorful shrubs and plant colorful flowers, such as tulips. In such cases, it may also work to create a continuity of materials, colors … with the interior space with which they are connected.

That is the secret when it comes to decorating landscaping ideas for small yards: take advantage of every piece of land with an integrating design and concentrate the best of nature in the smallest of spaces. Like a mirror in any room of the house, a pond is a very typical resource to optically enlarge a small green space. It can even be placed in the center, and have a bridge to cross. In addition to devising different solutions for the floor, vertical planes are also surfaces that can be treated, especially if they are partitions or unsightly walls that make your garden a claustrophobic space.

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