Beautiful Natural Landscaping With River Rock

Landscaping with river rock – Natural landscape materials such as wood chips and river stones can give a polished but natural look to a patio. In the landscape, wood chips are mainly used as organic manure. Not only aesthetically pleasing, but they also help soil plants to retain moisture and nutrients. River stones, on the other hand, enjoy a variety of uses in the home landscape. Place them in or around a garden bed or elsewhere in the landscape for a natural and beautiful accent.

Mulch your garden or tree bed, with pebble-sized river stones. Be careful though. Experts from Cooperative Extension at the University of North Carolina advise that rock padding is not suitable for all areas. Light colored rocks reflect the light up and warm the area directly around the plants. When leaves and other plant remains fall on a mulch bed of landscaping with river rock, they can be difficult to remove. Add more mulch as needed. Over time, the mulch will decay and sit on the floor. When this occurs, add more mulch to keep the layer 2 to 3 inches tall.

Place medium and large river stones around your garden or tree bed, pond or pool to create a natural looking border. When placed around a cushioned bed, a river stone edge bends like a decorative accent and a barrier to help keep the mulch sliding in place. Create a bed of a dry river. Lay two parallel lines of river stones in your yard. Plant flowers or ornamental grass between the parallel lines in the “river” and lawn out of them to create a landscaping with river rock plant through your patio. River stones from the pile to create a retaining wall around your property. To increase the stability of smooth rocks, you should secure them in place with cement. For tips on how to build a lasting river stone wall, check out the Resources section.

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