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Beautiful Edible Landscape Design

Edible landscape design – Turning your yard into a large food supply defines the term edible landscape. To design an edible landscape is to create a plan that allows plants carrying food to grow naturally within the limits of their property. It goes beyond gardening in that its landscape becomes a sustainable plot of land that mimics the natural growth cycles found in its region of the environment. Make a sketch of the property, including the location of the house and other buildings on the property, and trees or shrubs you want to keep existing. These plants can provide necessary shade or privacy and can be integrated into the design. Make several copies of your drawing.

Make a list of the types of fruit trees, walnut trees, fruit vines and berry shrubs that you want to include in your edible landscape design. Select trees, vines and shrubs that are indigenous to your region or have adapted to regional climatic conditions. Consider the growth conditions required of each of these plants and include the information in the list. These conditions include the type of soil needed, the amount of water required, and the sun and shade exposure. Also take into account factors such as the final size of cultivated plants, potential yield, and sowing and harvest dates.

Create a list of vegetables to include in the edible landscape design. Categorize the vegetables by their planting seasons. For example, in spring, it is possible to plant lettuce and greens, tomatoes and summer squash in your region. These vegetables are listed in spring sowing. Continue to categorize all the vegetables you want growing throughout your growth period. Consider the growing conditions necessary for the vegetables as you did with the trees, vines and shrubs. Begin planning the placement using a copy of your drawing. Place the trees and shrubs first, grouping them together with similar requirements whenever possible. Mark the location of the vine as well, noting that these require grating or other means of support, such as pergolas or fences.

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