Backyard Landscaping Ideas with Fire Pit

Backyard landscaping ideas with fire pit – Turn a boring backyard into an inviting outdoor living space where you can unwind, relax and socialize with family and friends. Create your oasis of comfort by putting water features and a protective gazebo. For a water feature, add a fountain, waterfall or pond – they can inject a reassuring note to the garden. Building a gazebo or installing a garden pond is simple weekend project for experienced do-it-yourself homeowners.


Sketch a layout of your garden, making note of established trees, outbuildings and property lines. Take pictures of the property. Building a gazebo – a structure, octagonal shape, to provide shade, shelter, a point of ornamental interest and a lovely place to rest and relax – to increase the enjoyment of your backyard landscaping ideas with fire pit. Wood and vinyl gazebo kit or plans are available at home improvement stores; you can also design your own solitude place. Plant flowering vines or climbing roses to soften the lines of the structure.

Pay attention to the location of the pond or pool. Designing the size and shape of your pond to supplement the established trees, shrubs and other garden features. Dams designed to fit into an existing backyard landscaping ideas with fire pit gives the most natural look. Pumps, filters and other mechanics should be hidden in a way that allows easy access for maintenance and repairs.

Select the type of stone or river boulders that you want to insert in your pool design. Collect or buy the stone, pond liner and supporting equipment including pumps, filters, plumbing parts, heater and shimmer. Pond liners are available in preformed shapes or soft material that conforms to your own design. Level the edges of a flat board. Smooth sides and bottom of the pond, remove the roots and rocks. Line the pond with a flexible heavy plastic liner. Fill the pond and install the pump. Create a stone border around the pond to hold the liner in place and add visual interest. Attach, secure, and hides the water hose. Landscape the pond area with moisture-loving plants.

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