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Landscaping ideas front yard – Erect a fence gives an immediate enclosure or boundary marker on a property, as opposed to plant a hedge and waiting to grow in. Depending on the budget, fence style or materials, fence look sharp and visually hard standing alone on the farm. Designing a small planting strip in front of the fence soften the vertical lines of the fence, and can help tie in the house or yard – from the landscape design point of view to the fence. Evaluate the fence and describe it with adjectives. If words like attractive, charming, or formal fit the look and style of your fence, creating a landscape plan around the fence to mark it. Do not plant vegetation that will hide or block your view of such a prized fence. Conversely, if the fence look massive, jagged, dirty, rustic or scary, you can add soft textured plants and flowers soften and improve the appearance of the fence.

Match the landscaping ideas front yard plan with the style of the fence. If there is a white fence and stately black wrought-iron fence, a more formal, neat collection of plants in the strip is appropriate. A white fence can invoke a colorful, flowery English cottage garden, including wrought iron fence may look best described low, clipped evergreen shrubs. Wooden fences, unpainted complement informal, naturalistic landscapes. A bamboo fence can invoke a sense of East Asia, while a split-rail fence is more reminiscent of a cattle or horse ranch where the meadow plants abound. Chain link fences are utilitarian, not an attractive garden feature.

Landscaping ideas front yard, measure the strip in front of the fence you want to landscape. The amount of space that dictates what plants you should grow. For plants that do not grow too large for the space, which increases maintenance. In general, you need access to the fence to inspect it and paint or replace it in the future. Stick with a landscape plant that uses only plants and not add accent boulders or statues, especially if it is an attractive fence on your own. Plants should also tie in with those already present in your garden. If you already have lots of perennials and shrubs, do not put the cacti of the fence, because it does not help unite your landscape or property.

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