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Arts And Crafts Style Outdoor Lighting – The good weather arrives and with it, we frequent our relaxing corners, terraces, balconies, gardens … it serves us anything as long as we can breathe pure air surrounded by plants and looking at the sky. The candlelight outdoors always provides a spectacular atmosphere, a very welcoming climate for any special event, such as a romantic dinner, an evening of relaxation with oneself and a good coffee, the perfect lighting to do Yoga or meditation.

Or simply because you want to give your garden or green areas that magic touch and zen that candlelight can bring. Decorating or redecorating with recycled objects is part of something fundamental when it comes to grooming economically any stay in the home, so let’s show some simple ideas to combine the recycling of objects, DIY decoration, and candles so you can create your arts and crafts style outdoor lighting for the garden. To make the holes, you can use nails and a hammer, or if you have a drill, with a fine drill you can do them as well and finally.

It will be to place a wire so that it stays on you like a lantern, to be able to hang it at any place. Once finished our arts and crafts style outdoor lighting, we will proceed to introduce the candles inside, in this we advise that to be able to be, that they be anti mosquitoes, These lamps or candles are very decorative and elegant, we will only need some glass bottles, such as wine or beer, and cut them to the height that we want. Garden lamp made with rope.

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Perfect if you like a different and unconventional arts and crafts style outdoor lighting. You will need a couple of meters of this type of cord not very thick, (surely of some move you have by the house) and also a pair of light bulbs with its cable and lamp holder. We start from top to bottom and wind the cord of the light bulb with the cord to the end of it. With the help of white glue, you can attach the sides.

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